Annual Open Meeting 2016

Do you want to get involved? Care about the Common?

The Annual Open Meeting (AOM) of the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee (CCMAC) will take place on Thursday 4th February at Omnibus, Clapham Common Northside, at 7pm.

CCMAC is inviting people who are passionate about Clapham Common to get involved as a Community Representative. CCMAC aims to have a diverse group of people involved in order to better reflect the wide range of community users on Clapham Common.

If you want to get involved here’s the application form2016-02-04 CCMAC AGM Nomination Form Community Representative

Here’s the agenda for the meeting: 2016-02-04 CCMAC AOM Agenda

Please stand. Please join us at our Annual Open Meeting.

To be fully effective we need to be truly representative of Clapham Common.

At the AOM we will elect a community representative for the one vacant position. There are three candidates standing:

  • Annie Bayley
  • Amrit Hamechan Madhoo
  • Mark Willoughby

Here are their nominations papers:

2016-02-04 Amrit Hamechan Madhoo Nomination

2016-02-04 Amrit Hamechan Madhoo Nomination Personal Statement

2016-02-04 Annie Bayley Nomination

2016-02-04 Mark Willoughby Nomination