Bandstand Beds

Bandstand Beds is a volunteer-led community gardening project on the Common, engaging with the public to share horticultural skills and knowledge, and growing food to further social, economic and environmental wellbeing. The group works in partnership with CCMAC to organise events such as Common People and ecological projects like the Colour Your Common wildflower meadow.

Fionnuala Barrett, Marion Vray and Sarah Yandell share responsibilities as the representatives for the group.

Cllr. Linda Bray

Linda has lived in Clapham for over 30 years and is a local councillor for Clapham Town ward. She visits the Common most days with her dog. Her mission is to preserve the Common as a green and peaceful haven for community use and to make sure it receives its fair share of parks investment in Lambeth.

Cllr. Tim Briggs

Tim has lived off Clapham Common for 20 years and is the former Leader of the Opposition of Lambeth, and a Conservative councillor in Clapham Common ward. His mission is to preserve the Common as a green and peaceful haven for community use, to continue to argue for Lambeth to spend more on amenities, and to get a correct balance between large outdoor events on the Common and the needs of residents using it.

Clapham Society – Andrew Summers

Andrew Summers represents the Clapham Society. Andrew has lived in and around Clapham for almost 20 years and is passionate about the neighbourhood’s amenities and cleanliness, and appeal as both a place to visit and to live.  He is also very keen to preserve and enhance our open spaces, in particular Clapham Common.

David Dandridge – Vice Chair

David is a Clapham resident and joined CCMAC in 2013 to become a representative for the LGBTQ community. David was recognised in the Lambeth Community Awards 2014 for his role in celebrating diversity and inclusiveness and as chairperson of Bandstand Beds – a community crop-growing project.

Adrian Darley – Treasurer

Adrian has lived near Clapham Common for 26 years and has always been an active user of much of what it has to offer . He can regularly be seen running or in the cricket nets with his children and also enjoys fishing on Eagle and Mount ponds a few times a year. He has been a volunteer coach for local hockey club London Wayfarers for five years and has watched his children playing school sport on the Common since they were at nursery. He is also very interested in nature and gets a lot of pleasure in spotting the occasional woodpecker or sparrowhawk on the Common.

Friends of Clapham Common – Shirley Kermer

The Friends of Clapham Common works to protect and enhance Clapham Common.  Martin Read has lived in the Clapham South area for 18 years.  He is a Chartered Accountant and is currently involved with a team creating a local community bank for Hampshire.

Cllr. Nigel Haselden

Nigel was elected in Clapham Town Ward. Nigel feels lucky to have lived by Clapham Common for nearly 40 years. He has been a member of CCMAC as a community representative and a councillor and is chair of governors at Clapham Manor Primary School. He knows the value such a fine green space has for the wellbeing of the whole community and especially its young people. Nigel is committed to attracting resources to enhance the Common and sustain the priceless importance it holds for so many people.

Jeremy Keates

Manager, This is Clapham, Business Improvement District.

Simon Millson – Chair

Simon is a long-time Clapham resident and local campaigner. He believes the Common is a valuable green, open space and a great asset for the local community and through sustainable management and wise use should continue to bring pleasure and joy to a wide cross section of people. He is committed to maintaining the Common as an historical landmark in London.

Helen O’Malley

Helen has lived in Clapham for 30 years and has a long involvement with CCMAC. Her ambition is to see the CCMAC finally established as the full partner with Lambeth in the management and protection of the Common. Recently retired from Lambeth Council, she has a continued interest in the value of the Common as both an educational and activity resource for the young.

Raffaele Prencipe

Raffaele and his family are local residents and users of Clapham Common. He wants to preserve the nature of the Common for future generations. He has ambitious plans for rewilding the Common by planting trees, shrubs and bulbs; protecting the wildlife; and limiting the damage from events and commercial pressures.

Cllr. Joanna Reynolds

Joanna is one of three Councillors for Clapham Common ward.

Krishna Siva

Krishna is a forty-years plus resident of Nightingale Lane. After local schooling and graduating from Middlesex University he worked in investment research, and other London-based work until 2008. After unemployment, in 2011 he took up self-employment as a tennis coach at Clapham Common Westside. More recently since 2016, he volunteered initially as treasurer for the Friends of Clapham Common. Among his varied interests are reading classic literature and hiking in the Lake District and Cairngorms in Scotland. Krishna is passionate about Clapham Common and is keen to help its conserve to higher standards.

Paul Stephenson

Paul is a resident of Windmill Drive since 2006. He is keen to promote balance between users’ needs and the welfare of the Common itself.

Cllr. Sonia Winifred – President

Sonia is the elected member for Knight’s Hill Ward. She is the Cabinet member who holds responsibility for Equalities and Culture. She is the President of the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee and has the political overview for Lambeth’s Parks, Commons and Open Spaces.

Affiliated members

Dr Iain Boulton

Iain is the Environmental Compliance Officer for Lambeth Council.