Commons then and now

London is fortunate to contain a relatively large number of commons and similar open spaces, and although they are primarily managed and used for public recreation many do – or did – contain significant landscape, tree and wildlife interest derived from their origins and past management.

On Monday 25 January Dr Iain Boulton (above), Environmental Compliance Officer for Lambeth Council, will be attending the Clapham Society’s meeting to give a talk: Clapham Common — The Past Coming Through to the Fu

Environmental specialist Iain, says: ‘There has been a growing interest in working to restore traditional landscapes to a number of metropolitan commons, which has considerable benefit to people, nature and the protection of these important assets. Using a number of examples, including Clapham Common, we’ll look at how this is being done and the challenges and opportunities faced in achieving it.’

If you would like to hear more, the meeting is being held at Omnibus in Clapham Old Town — bar open at 7pm and the talk starts at 8pm.