Windmill Drive Playground Kiosk Reopens After Brief Closure

The kiosk inside the Windmill Drive playground, which first opened in 2023, has now reopened on the 7th of May after a short break due to staff issues. Lambeth Council, the main operator, has found a new manager to take the reins, ensuring that this beloved spot is back in business.

New Management and Operating Hours

With a new manager in place, the kiosk will initially operate from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays only, subject to agreement with the new operator. This means you can once again enjoy your favourite refreshments while spending time in the park.

Perfect Timing for Park Visits

Whether you’re enjoying playtime with the kids or simply relaxing in the park, the reopening of the kiosk is perfectly timed. You can now grab your favourite coffee and other treats right here at Windmill Drive playground.

Enjoy the Playground Atmosphere

Swing by and treat yourself to a cup of goodness while soaking up the joyful atmosphere of the playground. The kiosk’s reopening adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your visits, making it easier to stay refreshed and energised. Next time you’re at Clapham Common, be sure to stop by the Windmill Drive playground kiosk. It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink, relax, and enjoy the vibrant surroundings. Welcome back, and happy sipping!