Eco Walks on Clapham Common

Dr Iain Boulton, Lambeth Council’s Environmental Compliance Officer, is planning a couple of ecological and landscape walks this summer across Clapham Common. All welcome. If you want to join details are below.

Sunday 17th June 2018, starting at the Bandstand at 2 pm. Trees of Clapham Common – Origins, Uses and Future Trends.

A walk looking at the geographical origins of the trees on Clapham Common, how they came to be there and their past and present uses, such as for timber, food and household products. What’s the future for many of our commoner trees in the light of climate change or changes in water availability or pollution? (Originally planned for Sunday 6th May.)

Hawthorn blossom

Sunday 8th July 2018, starting at the Bandstand at 1 pm. Bugs and Other Beasts of Clapham Common.

A look at the many different invertebrates (animals without backbones) that are found on Clapham Common; learn how to survey for insects, spiders and the like, and their importance for the health and wellbeing of the Common and its users. Are these animals good or bad for us, the Common and the environment, and are all the legends and stories we hear about them true or false?

Adult frog