New wildflower meadow to be planted on the Common

A new wildflower meadow will be planted near Windmill Drive this spring adding to the existing wildflower coverage across Clapham Common.

Wild Clapham and Butterfly Conservation have come together to create a wildflower meadow which will encourage and support the growth of a declining butterfly and moth population across the country. 

Unlike other wildflower areas on the Common, the invasive rye-grass will be removed and seeding of the meadows will be done from scratch with selected annuals, perennials and fescue grasses to provide foliage food, nectar and habitat for butterflies, moths, bees and other insect pollinators. 

Wildflowers have been seeded all across the Common over the past three years

Removing the rye grass will ensure the meadow survives for at least 10-15 years before they need to be re-planted. The new meadows will take 2-3 years to establish.

The area will be closed off with Heras fencing during the works, which should be completed within two weeks – weather permitting. 

Most of the soil removed will be re-used to create a series of bunds around the edges of the meadow, which will help to protect the area. 

Once completed, the area will not be fenced off from the public so please take care not to tread on the newly establishing planting. 

Wild Clapham is a partnership project between The Friends of Clapham Common and The Clapham Society with the aim of improving the biodiversity and ecology of Clapham Common. The project is overseen by the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee working in partnership with Lambeth Council.