Improvements to Clapham Common on their way

CCMAC is working in partnership with Lambeth Council to bring further improvements to Clapham Common.

Current projects under way include installing some 37 lamp columns across the Common and, together with six CCTV cameras soon to be in place, will improve safety for users of the Common.

New lamp columns being installed on Clapham Common

All 45 open-topped bins will be replaced – 30 new bins are on order and 15 are already in position. The closed section of Windmill Drive will be landscaped following consultation last year. New bollards have already been installed along the open section of this road to deter vehicles coming on to the Common. 

Around half of the 104 benches on the Common will be replaced and a further 15 added. The aim is to remove benches in poor condition and have one design of bench across the Common in keeping with its heritage status.

Wild Clapham, an initiative between the Friends of Clapham Common and the Clapham Society, has already planted 60 new trees in celebration of The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative for the Platinum Jubilee next month. This work is coordinated through CCMAC in collaboration with Lambeth Council.

Wild Clapham, in partnership with Butterfly Conservation, has also planted a new meadow alongside the existing wildflower areas running beside Windmill Drive. 

CCMAC has also identified six more areas for wildflower seeding comprising two spots in the Old Town, and four others running alongside Westside and Southside.

Wildflower area along Clapham Common Southside last year

This is Clapham, a member of CCMAC and the business improvement lead for the Clapham High Street and Old Town, has also landscaped the area behind the Clapham Common tube station, an area of common land, with wildflowers.

The aim is to increase biodiversity on the Common and create a haven for bees and butterflies. 

A condition survey of all paths has been undertaken with the aim of resurfacing most paths starting with those in the poorest condition. There will be a rolling programme to upgrade the paths over time. The toilets beside Windmill Drive have also been given a new roof and electricity installed to allow for lighting and hand dryers.

Public feedback on the plan to replace the old and disused paddling pool with a waterplay facility has been overwhelmingly supportive. Some 96% approve of the approach, with 88% strongly approving of the plan. Planning applications will start next month with a view to open next year.

One of the images being used during the consultations to stimulate discussion

These initiatives come in the wake of the upgrade of the basketball courts; refurbishment of the historic Bandstand, the largest in London; the opening on Clapham Common of Pear Tree Cafe and Megans on the Terrace; the installation of a composting facility beside Bandstand Beds; the landscaping of the green waste site; the addition of some 50 bird and bat boxes; and the remodelling of the playground beside Windmill Drive.

There’s more to be done in particular devising plans to resurface the Redgras football pitches; marketing the pavilion and bowling greens; and repurposing a number of derelict buildings on the Common. Plans to address these issues are under way. 

We will keep you informed and updated.