Tree-mendous work!

Saturday morning got off to a crisp start but quickly turned into a beautiful sunny day – perfect for a planting party.


Around forty people pitched up at the community garden on Windmill Drive on Saturday to plant hedgerow around the green site, which included hazel, hawthorn, yew, holly, field maple and crab apple. There were a hundred trees in all, and all planted in an hour and a half. That’s team work!


Meanwhile, children in the garden were creating a scarecrow – Bandstand Beds Benny – to feature in the Festive Light Ride on Sunday 11 December. He was rather dapper when finsihed, and some people thought  he could even be mistaken for the man on the Clapham Omnibus.


The morning was rounded off with delicious mugs of home-make pumpkin soup and delicious cake that people had brought along to share.