‘Quintessential’ Sherlock Holmes Remembered

The life of Jeremy Brett, who played Sherlock Holmes in 41 television episodes, from 1984 to 1994, and who lived on Cedars Road, is celebrated with the dedication of a memorial bench on Clapham Common.

Jeremy Brett died on 12 September 1995.

Viewers loved him. On his death the New York Times said:

‘Mr. Brett was regarded as the quintessential Holmes: breathtakingly analytical, given to outrageous disguises and the blackest moods and relentless in his enthusiasm for solving the most intricate crimes.’

On the 20th anniversary of his death, friends from the theatre and TV, and as far as the USA and Japan, met on Clapham Common to reminisce with readings and stories of Jeremy’s life. (There’s already a memorial tree, near to the Bandstand, doing well.)

Jeremy Brett, an Old Etonian, was a star of his day, and the Common was part of his life. A poor sleeper – he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in later life – he used to get up early, to take out his bow and arrow for archery practice on a favourite chestnut tree. (For all sorts of reasons, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for people to follow his example these days, however stressed they feel.)

His fans make pilgrimages to the Common to see the young tree planted in his memory. Now they, and today’s insomniacs, can visit his bench and like him, enjoy the peace that being on the Common brings.