Notice: Repairs to Electricity Cables under Clapham Common

National Grid has high voltage cables that run through Clapham Common, which are kept cool by a jacket of oil that circulates around them. An oil leak has been detected in the buried cables that run west to east across the Common adjacent to Broomwood Road, next to the Avenue and Clapham Common West Side.

As a result of this it needs to be rectified before it deteriorates further, and in order to avoid repeat visits, National Grid plan to refurbish the joint bay in the area at the same time. It is estimated that the project will take 10 days to complete with works beginning on Wednesday 26 October.

Whilst these works are being carried out, National Grid’s contractors, JSM, will have 24-hour security on site and the excavation will be protected by Heras fencing.


National Grid will have to bring some vehicles onto the Common to service their works, but they will be installing trackway as appropriate, and will make sure any vehicle’s movements are kept to the minimum and avoid any boggy or wet areas.

Hopefully these works will proceed smoothly but updates will be give if there are any delays or unforeseen problems.