Local Nature Reserve and new wildflower meadow created on Clapham Common

Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee (CCMAC) and Lambeth Council have worked in partnership to create a new wildflower meadow beside Clapham Common Northside. 

The meadow will provide an important area for pollinators like butterflies and bees to feed and breed. It will take a few years to fully establish. The aim is to improve the biodiversity of Clapham Common. The first wildflower areas alongside Windmill Drive were seeded by CCMAC in 2018 funded with a grant from the Mayor of London’s Greener City Fund. This area has been complemented with a wildflower meadow funded by the Friends of Clapham Common last year.

Following public consultation, Lambeth Council and CCMAC have also worked together to register an area of the Common as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). Totalling over 16 hectares, the LNR will include Battersea Woods, Mount Pond, Nursery Woods, Eagle Pond and the wildflower meadows alongside Windmill Drive.

Simon Millson, Chair of CCMAC, said: “Working in partnership with the Council and member groups of CCMAC, we aim to improve both the facilities and biodiversity of Clapham Common.”

“We maintain and implement a long-term Masterplan for the regeneration and improvement of Clapham Common, with particular attention to measures that address the climate and ecological emergencies; improve mental and physical wellbeing; and encourage people to socialise, enhancing community spirit and social cohesion,” he added.

Plans are being drawn up by a working group of CCMAC and Lambeth Council to develop the LNR to be ‘sustainably managed, improved and enhanced for public use and benefit’. More information to follow over the coming months.